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It’s a life, an experience, is the passion...


“There is so much passion behind everything we do in

X Greece; we handle our clients with such a level of white 

glove service that they are always wowed! We treat them

like family and they know that we genuinely care.”

X Greece is a lifestyle management company based in Athens with extensive experience in luxury personal leisure, PR media, event management, real estate and business services.

As the X Greece exclusive fixers we would never settle for anything less than the best, and we won’t expect YOU to, either. We pride ourselves on being able to bring seemingly impossible dreams to reality with amazing speed and alacrity; no request is too bizarre.

We expect YOU to be demanding, YOU wouldn’t be where YOU are if YOU weren’t!


We know every corner in our country inside out and working hard to make the most select Clients stay in our nice country an unique experiencia.


We are a team of enthusiastic people whose main motivation is that our customers have an experience beyond just fun; unique and magical days to make them feel like they have never done.

We speak several Languages, English, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Greek.

What’s your vision?

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